Searching For A Sensible God

Searching For A Sensible God

I have been a Jesus Follower for most of my life unless you’re counting that six week stint in the ninth grade when I went to town with a mouthful of cusswords. In retrospect I think Jesus was okay with my juvenile outbursts. It was my conscience that couldn’t take the stress. So I repented. (Hardly a dramatic story of redemption – “Uhh… well… I accidentally listened to this George Carlin record 46 times and I memorized it. Uhh… and then I felt bad…” And now I wanna get baptized.) Back then, even at my worst, I knew that words were powerful and could be used for both good and evil.

Not much has changed in forty years. I am more convinced today than when I was a scrawny preachers kid that the Bible is an inspired book that can change the destiny of a person or even an entire community. However, I have also come to realize that the Bible can sometimes be a head-scratching summary of God’s attempt to communicate with His creation. And no, the most scrutinized collection of writings in the history of literature cannot be deciphered at first glance like a quick flip through an IHOP menu.

While I have always been able to defend my belief in the God of the Bible, I have sometimes struggled to make my faith fit with the God of Nature. That may sound odd, but I think this is true for many people who call themselves Christians. In the past, regardless of how fervently I held to my creationist perspective, I have often been met with blank stares by people outside of the faith. Trying to share my reasons for God, while pointing into the petri dish of Evangelical Bible Science (or Intelligent Design as it has been rebranded) made the task even tougher.

But in spite of this frustration, I am convinced that the universe makes sense because it was created by a sensible God. The Heavens do, without any doubt in my mind, declare the glory of a Creator. However, based on recent revelations (to me) I must confess to being deaf, blind and willfully ignorant of discerning the fingerprints of God within the framework of the Scientific method.

So… I’ve decided to record my findings and observations while I attempt to sort out the contentious issues that make the faith versus reason argument so compelling to some of us. I’m going to talk to experts and idiots alike. Eventually, I hope to be able to tell the difference between the two.

Your opinions are always welcome. Let me know what you think.